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  • John Fochetti

Northern California and Steelhead

Some of you may already know, but if not I am moving back to Northern California and pursuing the Steelhead and trout of this region full time. During the trout season I will be still be working at Clearwater Lodge. In the Fall, Winter, and Spring I will be guiding for Steelhead and Trout. My main river will be the Trinity, however I will also be working on the Klamath River, Lower Sacramento River, and Upper Sacramento River. So, if you want to get out with me to pursue some of these amazing places contact me for more info.

Fishing Report For Trinity River:

I have been over there almost every week for the past month and we have been picking up a few small fish every day with a couple large adults mixed in for all those days. So, its definitely not on fire yet. But the fish are coming and the next two months will be great. Heading back over there on Sunday for four days so I will keep everyone posted.

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