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Fly Fishing Trinity River, CA
Fly Fishing For Steelhead Trinity River, CA
Trinity River 

Home to a large population of hatchery and wild steelhead which return every fall. Fish average in the 4-6 pound range with 10 plus pounders caught every season.

The Trinity River is the largest tributary of the Klamath River, it flows for 165 miles through the Klamath Mountains and Coast Ranges with a watershed area of nearly 3,000 square miles in Trinity and Humboldt Counties. Designated a National Wild and Scenic River, along most of its course the Trinity flows swiftly through tight canyons and mountain meadows.

The Trinity river is best fished from a drift boat using indicators and 6-8 weight rods. However walk and wade swing trips using spey rods is also an option.

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Fly Fishing Burney Falls Burney, Ca
fly fishing pit river
Fall River fly fishing
Intermountain Area

The Intermountain Area, located between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen, offers California's best fly fishing waters. The vast diversity of fisheries is unparalleled and offers something for everyone, from the first timer to the expert angler.

Hat Creek is loaded with a vast population of wild trout and huge numbers of aquatic insects. Flowing through large meadows, and ending in Lake Brittain, the scenery is amazing. This creek is relatively easy to wade and has prolific hatches of mayflies, offering ample opportunities for dry fly fishing.

The Pit River is divided into “reaches” by the regions between powerhouses and dams. Each reach has its own character and fishing opportunities, but they all offer large runs with gorgeous pocket water. Notorious for being a most difficult river to wade, walking staffs and studded boots are a must. For the adventurous angler, this river offers some of the best fishing in the area, boasting a large number of fat, strong, healthy rainbow trout eager to eat a fly.

The Fall River is the North America's largest spring fed river system with endless miles of crystal clear water holding huge numbers of large rainbow trout. Exclusively fished from a boat, you will make long drifts to wary and wily trout. The vistas and fish in this river are unmatched, and a day on the Fall River is always scenic and a challenge. There are also many “secret” spots in this system that offer solitude and fishing opportunities unlike anything in the state.

Many other fisheries, such as Baum Lake, Burney Creek and numerous small tributary creeks, are also available throughout the area, which each offer something different, including great dry fly fishing throughout trout season.

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