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Pyramid Lake Fishing Report - February 22

Pyramid Lake re-opens, giving anglers in the blown out waters of the west an opportunity at trophy-sized trout.

Pyramid lake fishing

What's Open?

With most of the west coast fishing opportunities practically non-existent, due to a crazy winter with no end in sight, Pyramid Lake has re-opened and the fishing is amazing! Currently, the beaches between Shot Dog down to the North Nets are open for recreational use.

Those of you worried about the weather, remember the nastier the better! This is when your chance of catching both larger numbers and size of fish is best!

Fishing Report

I went out with some friends and fished the re-opener, and it did not disappoint. We arrived at the lake around 5:30 am and to our surprise were able to fish the exact spot we wanted. The instant we could see, it was game on. Maybe giving the fish a break was a good thing, because they were aggressive and very hot! Between two of us there were over thirty fish landed with one being over ten pounds.

Pyramid Lake fishing

I have been back multiple times in the past few days and the fishing has not cooled down at all. There may be some slower periods throughout the day, but the bite has been pretty consistent. If you have to take a break from fishing keep an eye on other anglers. If they start hooking up get back in the water and be ready! I have seen a lot of fish landed over 15 pounds, and personally got one that was 18 pounds.


Since there has been no fishing pressure on them in the last two months the fish aren’t exactly picky right now. Bobber fishing with midges and balanced leeches has been very successful while there is some waves or chop. However, stripping buggers and popcorn beetles has also produced numbers and quality. So, no matter how you prefer to fish there is an opportunity for a fish of a lifetime right now. Don’t wait and miss this opportunity to get out on the water while it’s hot!

Pyramid Lake fishing

For more info or to book a day on the water, check out the rest of our site.

Hope to see you out on the water soon!

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