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  • John Fochetti

Five Keys to Fishing Pyramid Lake

Over the past few years I have been able to get my clients, my friends, and myself into a large number of fish over ten pounds and a bunch over twenty pounds! I'm going to share with you a few of the keys to my success, with number one being quite important for this particular winter...

5 Keys to Success when Fishing Pyramid Lake:

1. The nastier the weather is the better the fishing is... a point, winds up above 30 miles an hour make it a little miserable and difficult to fish. Weather provides cover for the fish to come into the shallows and feed where we can actually catch them. ALMOST ALL of my large fish come on days with some weather.

2. Fish hard. You made the trek out to the lake so don't give up easily! Literally at any point a 20 pounder could be caught. If your line isn't in the water you can’t catch anything.

3. If you see other people hooking up, be ready. When the fish start biting, whatever the reason may be, it's pretty much game on! So be prepared to hook up, don't let the opportunity pass you by.

4. Early and late are great for numbers.

Being on the water and ready to go in the dark is very important; there are almost always fish willing to play before the sun comes up. Evenings produce numbers too, even on slow days. But, for whatever reason the very last 30 minutes of light don't seem to produce that many fish. Although I believe the majority of my trophy fish have come in the middle of the day, numbers seem to be best mornings and evenings.

5. Be confident! If you believe you are going to catch some big fish, it will happen. If you don't believe it, then you may as well pack up your stuff and go home, because the guy next to you is going to stick a fatty and ruin your day.

Disclaimer: these are some keys I have picked up along my fishing career. There are many ways to catch a fish, and the most important is getting out and trying. At any point, of any day, using any method you could catch the fish of a lifetime. That is what makes fishing Pyramid Lake so exciting...

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